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Mackinac State Historic Parks Blog

More than 230 species of birds have been recorded on Mackinac Island and in the surrounding straits region. Here, we take a look at some detailed observations that a summer resident and ornithologist made in 1893.
The clothes our historic interpreters wear are a major part in telling the story of the historic residents of the Straits of Mackinac. A lot of research goes into making these outfits accurate, and here's a little peek at one of the new outfits you'll find in Colonial Michilimackinac this summer.
Ongoing research has uncovered another fascinating story at Michilimackinac: the "Unlucky Affair" of Lt. James Hamilton and his stabbing. Intrigued? Learn more:
Most of us have had the experience of moving from one place to another, deciding what to take and what to discard. In the summer of 1781, the residents of Michilimackinac had the same experience.
In 2023 we accessioned 643 objects into our collection. Let's learn about some!
Ongoing historical research and archaeological excavations form the backbone of our interpretive programs and exhibits. Every now and then we come across a mystery! Read more about a mystery of five soldiers from British Michilimackinac who switched sides during the American Revolution.
Ice fishing has been an important part of the Straits for thousands of years, but dramatic scenes of net poles so numerous that they appeared almost as a forest are now nearly forgotten.
What's the best season to visit the Straits of Mackinac? All of them! Learn a little about each season at the Straits:
While the Hospital Corps only came into being toward the very end of Fort Mackinac's time as an active military post, it demonstrates another way Fort Mackinac experienced the changing times of the army.
When you think of Mackinac, you might think of fudge, or no cars, or horses, or the fort. But potatoes? "The best potatoes in the world grow at Mackinac." Or at least they did. Read on!
What can you expect in 2024? A lot! Read more:
Holiday traditions of the 17th and 18th centuries come to life at A Colonial Christmas at Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City!